• Cleburne ISD AVID Elective

    The AVID elective course is a course that begins in Cleburne ISD in the 7th grade. Students accepted into the AVID elective are expected to take at least one advanced course & maintain good grades & conduct. Students who enter the AVID elective course are expected to remain in the AVID elective until graduation from high school as the focus of the course is different for each grade level.

    The grade-specific cours desciptions are listed below & the AVID elective standards can be found in the links at the bottom of this page. 

    Cleburne ISD AVID Elective Course Descriptions

    The 7th grade elective course is an introduction to the AVID philosophy. Students participate in activities that incorporate strategies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization & reading as well as their academic growth. Students will engage in activities centered around exploring college & career opportunities, building self-confidence & communication skills. Students will set short & long-term goals &, as a result, understand the value in taking charge of their actions. Students will take an active role in their learning, understanding the roles of all members in assignments & collaborative lessons. Students will also develop skills regarding note-taking in relation to studying & test preparation.

    The 8th grade AVID elective course is the year of preparation for high school. Students will refine previous goals, focusing on their transition to high school as part of a college-preparatory path. Students will transition from active learners to leaders. Other areas of focus include increasing the use of technology & building upon test-preparation & test-taking knowledge. Students will participate in college preparatory testing.

    The 9th grade AVID elective course will serve as a review of the AVID philosophy & strategies. Students will work on academic & personal goals & communication, adjusting to the high school setting. Students will increase their awareness of their personal contributions to their learning as well as their involvement in school & community.

    The 10th grade AVID elective course will refine AVID strategies to meet their independent needs & learning styles. Students will continue to refine & adjust their academic learning plans & goals, increasing awareness of their actions & behaviors.  Students will expand their vocabulary use, continuing to prepare for college entrance exams. Text analysis will focus on specific strategies to understand complex texts. Lastly, students will narrow down their colleges & careers of interest based on their personal interests & goals.

    The 11th grade AVID elective course is the first part in a Junior/Senior seminar course that focuses on skills expected of first-year college students. Students participate in college bound activities & confirm their post-secondary plans.

    The 12th grade AVID elective course is the second part in a junior/senior seminar course that focuses on the writing & critical thinking expected of first & second-year college students. College-bound activities, methodologies, & tasks that should be achieved during the senior year that support students as they apply for college & confirm their post-secondary plans. Seniors will develop & present a portfolio representing their years of work in the AVID program.

  • 7th Grade AVID Elective Standards

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  • 9th Grade AVID Elective Standards

  • 10th Grade AVID Elective Standards

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