Safety and Security




    The safety and well-being of our student and staff members is the district’s top priority.  Our goal is to provide a culture of safety, security and emergency preparedness within our school framework that is both proactive and progressive.


    • CISD currently partners with Cleburne Police Department and Johnson County Precinct One Constable’s Office to employ seven (7) School Resource Officers (SROs). SRO’s are licensed peace officers who are specifically trained to work in schools and work full time during the school year.  SRO’s receive state-mandated school-based law enforcement training provided by the Texas School Safety Center.
    • Each campus has a designated administrator that is the Safety and Security lead for that campus. Responsibilities include attending district security meetings and the coordination of all drill practices and procedures.
    • Criminal history background checks are conducted on all applicants prior to employment as well as all school volunteers.


    • CISD utilizes the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) to simplify the district’s emergency response procedures. We believe this protocol helps foster safe learning and working environments for all students and staff. Operational binders are posted in each administrative office throughout the district.  Each classroom has posted an abbreviated flip chart for emergency situation reference.
    • All CISD school buses are equipped with security cameras and all bus drivers undergo safety and security training including emergency evacuation procedures.
    • Cleburne ISD has been an ALICE Certified District since 2019. All district personnel undergo ALICE Active Shooter Response training yearly. New employees are required to do a simulation exercise while all returning employees complete an online course.

    ALICE training logo

    • Cleburne ISD has an extensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that provides general guidance for emergency management activities. This plan is updated and filed with the Texas School Safety Center and the Texas Education Agency as required.
    • All campuses must conduct state and district-mandated emergency drills within the first 10 days of a new school year and one monthly thereafter. Lockdown, evacuation, lockout, secure, and shelter-in-place drills are held to prepare for severe weather, the event of a fire, hazardous materials spills and medical emergencies.
    • The Cleburne ISD Safety and Security Committee is made up of a broad representation of the community. Members include campus administrative leaders, parents, community members, law enforcement representatives, emergency management individuals, a school board member, and a representative of mental health services. The committee meets regularly to discuss district-wide safety and security issues, provide information and makes recommendations to the Superintendent’s cabinet for consideration of any improvements or new initiatives.


    • The main entrances to buildings have electronic access controls.
    • Every Cleburne ISD campus currently uses a visitor management system. All visitors who enter a campus must have their identification scanned into the system which conducts a sex offender registry check on the individual visitor.
    • All staff are required to wear their district-issued ID badges while on CISD campuses/property.


    Over a six-year period, CISD has dedicated more than $2.1 million to safety and security measures including:

    • Access-controlled entrances and vestibules
    • Alarm systems, including alerts when an access door is ajar
    • Security fencing
    • Public address/intercom upgrades at older campuses
    • Classrooms door locks and hardware
    • New and upgraded video surveillance, including high definition cameras



    Cleburne ISD has established a district Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) to mitigate a wide range of natural and human-made threats through awareness, preparedness and collaboration.

    OUR PROMISE – Every emergency or crisis is different, but parents can be assured that their child’s safety and well-being is of utmost importance to us.  We work in collaboration with our School Resource Officers (SRO’s) and local first responders to ensure that in the event of an emergency we are prepared to execute our plan.

    Emergency training and response plans are in place to make sure that students and staff know what to do in a crisis.  Periodic practice drills are also conducted to ensure students and staff are prepared for an emergency.

    In the Event of an Emergency

    • During emergency situations it is imperative that parents wait for guidance/direction provided by Cleburne ISD as student safety is at the forefront of our decision-making during any critical event. If an emergency occurs while school is in session, CISD will take specific action to properly communicate with its stakeholders and keep our students and staff safe.  This includes keeping you informed every step of the way through school messaging systems, the CISD website, social media, and local news outlets.

    In addition to our Emergency Operations Plan, the district utilizes the Standard Response Protocol (see below) to simplify the district’s emergency response procedures.  We believe this protocol helps to foster a safe learning and working environment for all students and staff.

    An image of the Standard Response Protocol

  • June 10, 2022


                    Cleburne ISD administrators have met with city and county law enforcement to discuss and evaluate school safety initiatives in place within the district, and the coordinated response in the event of an active shooter.

                    On June 9, superintendents from several Johnson County school districts met with city and county officials to discuss school safety and security.

                    “We are united in the concern we have with local law enforcement over the tragedy in Uvalde ISD,” Superintendent Dr. Kyle Heath said. “Chief Robert Severance provided a heightened police presence and patrols around our campuses the day following the shooting, as a precautionary safety measure for students and our staff.”

                    “The focus on making our schools safer has been an ongoing practice in CISD, and this meeting and upcoming sessions with law enforcement officials are reflective of that,” Heath said. “We must make our campuses and facilities secure for students and staff—there is no higher priority. We want to protect them.”

                    Among the initiatives adopted in CISD is the District Safety and Security Committee established in 2019, which includes School Resource Officers and deputies with Johnson County Constable Precinct One, who have a presence at all campuses. Committee members also include law enforcement administrators, campus principals and parent representatives. The committee continues to meet regularly to discuss and review safety measures in place and related topics.

                    In the 2018-19 school year, the district implemented the ALICE active shooter training for staff, and grade/age-appropriate training for students. The program provides lessons and information for all facets of a violent intruder gaining access to a building. As an ALICE Certified school district, training in the Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate response procedures is completed annually by both new and returning staff.   

    The last three CISD bond referendums approved by voters have funded school safety and security projects, including upgrades, resulting in:

    • Secure entrance vestibules
    • Keyless access for door entrances
    • Exterior/Interior Security cameras at all facilities
    • Expanded inventory of hand-held radios for all campuses

                 All classrooms are equipped with/utilize door barricade precautions. Emergency Preparedness Guides for campus administrators have been developed and Threat Assessment Teams are in place at every school. Safety protocols are posted in classrooms and throughout CISD facilities.

                     The newest safety/security additions for CISD campuses include a new phone system to be installed over the summer that will allow emergency responders to isolate a 9-1-1 call to a specific classroom or location. Renovations underway at the Wheat and Smith campuses will include upgrades to campus security, from surveillance to remodeled entry vestibules.

                    “We will continue to look for ways we can get better,” Heath said. “We value the collaboration we have with not only law enforcement and government municipalities, but also our fellow school districts. It’s critical that we work together, share best practices and learn from each other.”

                    “We’ve come miles with the systems and procedures we now have in place,” Heath said. “We know more, and we are better equipped and prepared. While we hope and pray that these systems will never be challenged by someone intent on doing harm, we must remain vigilant in providing a secure environment for those in our care.”


    Superintendents from several Johnson County school districts, including Cleburne ISD, have met with local law enforcement agency representatives to discuss and review school safety and security initiatives and the coordinated response in the event of an active shooter.