• Steps to getting your License

    1. Complete 32 hours of coursework in the classroom
    2. If you choose the Concurrent Method, you can go to the DPS to test for your Learner's Permit after the first 6 hours of class.  If you choose the Block Method, you will wait until all 32 hours have been completed to test for the Learner's Permit.
    3. After you receive your Learner's Permit, you can begin practicing with your parents and logging time on the 30 Hour Practice Log.  This log is not the driving instruction, it is practice only. 
    4. After you have completed the classroom, driving, and practice times, you will need to take the ITTD Course course and print the certificate.  The ITTD course must be completed no more than 90 days prior to your Driver's License testing appointment.
    5. You must hold your Learner's Permit for 6 months, be at least 16, complete all 32 hours of classroom instruction, complete all 14 hours of driving instruction, complete all 30 hours of practice with an adult, complete the ITTD course and print the certificate, prior to testing for your Driver's License.
    6. Test at the DPS or third party testing site for your Driver's License.