• Parents,


    Your student will need your help, guidance and active participation to fully complete their driving training. The formal classroom and behind the wheel training is just the start to their journey behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Teens have distractions when driving that we never had when we were learning to drive.   Cell phones are the number one distraction for all of us these days, so please model putting your cell phone away when driving and insist your student does the same. Your student will have information overload with Drivers Ed, so try and ask them daily what they are learning and what they need to share with you.  Please read the following information and watch for the form  your student will be bringing home for you to sign, stating that you understand and agree with everything.  Important note: We have a backlog of students waiting to drive.  At this time, your student will not be able to drive while concurrently taking the classroom instruction.  There could be as much as a 4 month wait for drive times and the wait time could change. 


    Students must attend all classes, there are no excused absences.  We include 2 make-up days (4 hours) in the price of the course, but if your student misses more than 2 days, you will be charged $25 per hour to complete their make-up hours.  

    If a student misses more than 5 days of Drivers Ed classes, they will be dropped from the program, unless there are extenuating circumstances and prior arrangements are made.

    Students must complete all work and pass each assignment with a grade of 70 or above.

    We have a zero-tolerance policy for discipline issues.  Students will be removed from the class for bad behavior.

    Cell phones are not allowed to be used during class without teacher permission.  

    Students have a 10 minute break during class and are expected to remain in designated areas and return to class promptly.

    Students must enter and exit through the double doors at the end of the hall.  Parents will pick up/drop off students in the Student Parking lot.  Students are not allowed to enter/exit the main CHS entry, even if it is raining.

    Typically, we do not hold class on CISD holidays, but check with your student.  Schedules will be covered during class.

    The DPS requires an appointment for testing for the Learner's Permit  and is booking several months out at this time.  Please go online early (DPS Scheduler) and make an appointment anytime after the first 3 sessions (6 hours). You may take your student to any DPS location, so check surrounding areas for appointments.  If you aren't satisfied with the appointment date you reserved, continue checking the site frequently because new appointments are added often.  



    Students may start their 30 hour log sheet once they obtain their permit. The practice log is NOT  the driving instruction. Students are expected to practice driving skill sets learned during behind the wheel instruction.

    Cell phones are not allowed during driving instruction.

    We have a backlog of students waiting to drive, so we can't rush your student into driving instruction, or out of driving instruction.  We expect students to practice for several days between drive times. In addition, our instructors do not drive every day.

    You will be charged a $25 no-show fee if your student fails to show up for a scheduled drive, or if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to a scheduled drive time. There are other students scheduled to drive with your student and everyone is inconvenienced in the event of a no-show. 

    Prior to starting the  in-car instruction, students need to be comfortable accelerating, braking, cornering, etc. in a parking lot.  If the instructor isn't comfortable taking them on the street, then they won't.  We only have 7 hours with your student behind the wheel, so we need to make every minute count.

    Students are expected to practice driving skills learned during in-car instruction.  Driving appointments with the instructor are intentionally scheduled several days apart so students have time to practice and master skills while driving with parents in between drive times.

    We are transitioning to an online scheduling program, Schedule 2 Drive (S2D), as we start to utilize online scheduling we will send out information to parents. We will only post appointment times 3 weeks out to avoid cancellations on our part. 

    All 32 hours of classroom instruction and all 14 hours of driving instruction must be completed prior to testing.

    The DPS road test is not part of the CISD instruction.  You may test at any DPS location, or a third-party testing site. The DPS requires an appointment for the road test, so please schedule early if you want to test at the DPS (DPS Scheduler).