• Passenger Vehicle Check-out Procedures and Use


    Hours of operation. The transportation office is open from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm on school days. On holidays and breaks, the facility operates from 7:00 am till 3:30 pm.

    Address: 2002 West Kilpatrick. The department is located next to Marti elementary school on the north end of the airport.

    Phone: The main number for Transportation is 817-202-2190


    Type of vehicles

    District vehicles are available for staff attending approved training or required school-related activities. Employees using their own vehicles are not eligible for reimbursement unless a district vehicle is unavailable. This requires written confirmation from the Director or Assistant Director for Transportation. The district has available for staff use several Ford Expedition SUV’s. These vehicles are EL models (Extended Length), which will accommodate several pieces of luggage. Seating capacity is 1 driver and 7 passengers for a total of 8 passengers.

    Scheduling a vehicle

    Follow the general procedure within your specific campus or department regarding prior approval for a trip. A purchase order for the use of the vehicle must be issued prior to taking the trip. Once you have approval for a trip, a completed Transportation Request form is to be submitted to Transportation. A request should be sent to Transportation at least 10 school days if possible before the scheduled date of the trip. Transportation will not reserve a vehicle until a trip request is received. You may contact Transportation with any question or to verify scheduling.

    Contact can be made through district email or by phone. Any official changes must be verified through email. Mr. Terry Wade is the person of contact regarding the scheduling of vehicles. Mr. Wade’s phone number is 817-202-2197. His email is twade@c-isd.com

    Picking up a vehicle

    On the day of your trip come to Transportation to pick up your vehicle. There is secure parking inside the fence for your vehicle. Staff parking will be on your right as you drive through the entry gate. The office is in a portable building. Please be aware that the traffic pattern at Transportation is counterclockwise.

    Inside the office, there will be staff available to assist you in checking out the vehicle. There is a sign-out log that requires your name along with the date and the vehicle number you will be driving. You will be provided with a trip ticket, a pre-trip sheet, and a gas card if needed. Staff will happily walk you through the process.

    How do I get the vehicle if Transportation is closed?

    If you are planning to leave on a weekend, holiday or outside our hours of operation, that is not a problem. Keys to a vehicle can be picked up prior to the trip. The keychain to the vehicle has a key to the gate and will allow you to enter the facility before or after hours.

    Can I take the vehicle home or leave it at school?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no. The vehicle assigned to you may need to be used before or after your trip, so the vehicle needs to be available. The more a district vehicle is off-site the greater the risk for damage to the vehicle. Having the vehicle off-site could be viewed as personal use. Vehicles are scheduled for service starting at 6:00 am, and a vehicle not here at the time will miss being serviced that day, this may cause the vehicle to be unavailable for others.

    A CISD vehicle must remain locked at transportation until the date of the trip. The vehicle must be returned to Transportation and secured when you return from the trip. The vehicle cannot be parked off-site from transportation overnight before or after the scheduled dates of the trip.

    Returning a vehicle

    When you enter the facility, park the SUV in the numbered slot associated with the vehicle. If the office is open, bring the keys, completed trip ticket with mileage, gas card and fuel receipts into the office.

    How do I return a vehicle if Transportation is closed?

    The key ring to a vehicle has a key to the gate that will allow you into the facility after hours. If you have to unlock the gate to enter the facility then you must lock the gate when you leave the facility. If the office is closed, the same keys and related paperwork are to be dropped in the mail slot located on the front of the first garage door.


    If you are involved in an accident, contact law enforcement and the transportation department. If the accident is after hours, contact Mr. Walker. His cell number is on the after-hours phone number sheet located in the glove box. Do not admit fault, but cooperate at the scene. You will need to obtain as much information as you can regarding the other person and any vehicle or property. This would include name, address, phone number, insurance info, vehicle information etc. Take photos of the accident scene and vehicles. This information will need to be provided to Mr. Walker. You will need to complete an incident report/statement at Transportation when you return to Cleburne

    Billboard for CISD

    CISD vehicles are clearly marked with identifiable information that the vehicle belongs to the district. Please keep in mind that the vehicle and you will be under public scrutiny. The operation of the vehicle represents the image of the district.




    If you schedule a vehicle and decide that you are not taking your trip or will not need the vehicle contact Transportation as soon as possible. An email will need to be sent directly to Mr. Terry Wade twade@c-isd.com  to cancel the vehicle. Canceling the vehicle is important. Vehicle use for the district is high and there may be someone else who needs the vehicle. Failure to cancel the vehicle creates a greater cost to the district than if you actually drove the vehicle.


    Cell Phones

    Texting while operating a district vehicle is prohibited.

    Citations and towed vehicle

    Tickets and citations generated from the use of a district vehicle will be the responsibility of the person operating the vehicle. Vehicles towed or impounded as a result of parking in a prohibited area will be the responsibility of the vehicle operator.

    Gas card/roadside service

    The district has available fuel credit cards issued through Wright Express. The card can be used at virtually any location in the country that sells gasoline. The card also provides available roadside service. Use of the card requires the input of the vehicle mileage and a PIN number at the time fuel is dispensed. Office staff will be happy to explain how to use the card. Each gas card is issued in a plastic sleeve with instructions for use. If you purchase fuel, you must obtain a receipt for the purchase. The receipt is to be signed and returned to transportation when you return to Cleburne.

    Fuel and fuel type

    The Ford Expeditions operate on regular 87 octane gasoline. It is not necessary to refuel the vehicle when you return. Just park the vehicle and drop the keys in the office or after-hours slot on the first garage door, if the facility is closed. We will refuel the vehicle.

    GPS and speed

    District vehicles are equipped with live GPS. The GPS provides real-time vehicle information including location and speed. The district will receive speed alerts on the vehicles. District vehicles are to be operated at or below the posted speed limits. Posted speed limits are the maximum speed under ideal traffic, weather, light, road, driver and vehicle conditions. Adjust your speed accordingly, especially in wet conditions, hydroplaning can happen at any time.

    The maximum speed that a vehicle can be operated is 75mph. There are 3 roadways in the Austin and San Antonio areas that have speed limits above 75 MPH. The speed limit restriction applies on those roads as well. Remember, higher speeds reduce reaction time and increase risk in an accident.


    Insurance and after-hours info

    Insurance information and an after-hours phone list is located in the glove box of the vehicle.

    Keyless entry

    Ford expeditions have keyless entry. If you lock the keys in the vehicle, the code to gain entry is 76033.

    Parking Fees

    Parking fees are not the responsibility of Transportation. Parking fees are part of your travel expenses and should be included with your Pre-Travel Cost Estimate.

    Pre-trip Sheet

    When you check out a vehicle, you will be given a pre-trip sheet. The pre-trip sheet is to be used to perform an inspection of the vehicle to make sure everything is functioning properly. If something about the vehicle needs to be addressed, please turn in the pre-trip sheet with the keys so we may attend to the issue.


    All passengers in a district vehicle are required to wear a lap/shoulder belt.


    Any student transported in a district vehicle must be 9 years of age or older, be at least 4 foot 9 inches in height and over 80 pounds in weight. Any passengers in the front seat must be at least 13 years of age and at least 5 feet in height.

    Trip Ticket

    A trip ticket is provided when the vehicle is checked out. It is a 2 part NCR form that is to be completed and returned with the vehicle. It will require the date, destination of the trip, your name and the starting and ending mileage. It is very important that beginning and ending mileage is recorded. Turn in the trip ticket with the keys of the vehicle.

    Toll Tags

    The Expeditions are equipped with Toll Tags. You do not need to complete a separate PO for Tolls. The cost of tolls is included with the vehicle.

    Valuables in vehicle

    Do not leave valuables in the SUV that can be seen. A smash and grab event may result in the loss of your property and subject the vehicle to damage. Keep the vehicle locked at all times.

    Failure to operate district-owned vehicles as outlined may result in the loss of the ability to utilize a district vehicle.