• Dual Language


    The vision of the Cleburne Independent School District (CISD) Dual Language Program is to cultivate growth, success, and awareness of bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural individuals.

    Mission Statement

    It is the mission of CISD to produce confident, bi-literate, bilingual, critical thinkers who value and preserve all cultures and languages as well as possess a rich linguistic repertoire in both languages. All stakeholders will have a clear and true understanding of the dual language program/curriculum by providing engaging learning opportunities.

    The goal of the Dual Language Program in CISD is to enable students to become competent in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and composition of both languages through the development of literacy and academic skills in both the primary and second language. The Dual Language Program will integrate and use research-based second language acquisition strategies in the content areas for ELL students. Within this program, we ensure that every child's native language, culture, background, and interests are respected and utilized in the learning process.

    Definition: Dual language immersion is an educational approach in which students learn two languages in an instructional setting that integrates subject content presented in English and another language.
    ~ 19 TAC Chapter 89.1203



    The primary goals of our Dual Language bilingual program model are the following:

    • The development of fluency and literacy in English and in an additional language for all students with special attention given to ELs participating in the program.
    • The integration of English speakers and ELs for academic instruction in accordance with the selected program design and model. Whenever possible, 50% of the students in a program should be dominant English speakers and 50% of the students should be native speakers of Spanish at the beginning of the program.
    • The promotion of bilingualism, biliteracy, cross-cultural awareness, and high academic achievement


    CISD currently offers a One-Way Dual Language program model to English language learners in grades PK-5th at Cooke and Santa Fe Elementary Schools. Bilingual students are identified according to state policy through the Home Language Survey and language proficiency assessments approved by TEA. A Two-Way Dual Language Program is offered at Irving Elementary.