• Q&A for CHS and CTE Technology RFP

    Cleburne HS & CTE Tech RFP - Delcom Question
    Question: Per the Section for Visix you’re requesting implementation services. Are you request online/phone support from Visix to implement the license into the content manager?  Or is the integrator only responsible for physical install of the player behind the display location?
    Answer: Include online/phone support from Visix to implement the license into the content manager.

    Cleburne HS & CTE Tech RFP - Presidio Questions


    1. Are the APs in the RFP new additions or replacing existing APs in each location - CHS and CTE Technology?
    • Both.  We will be replacing APs in remodeled areas as well as adding APs in new construction areas.
    1. Does the district have enough AP adder license for the new APs unless the new APs are a 1:1 replacement?
    • Yes.  We are currently using 731 of 1000 licenses.  CHS currently has around 180.
    1. Does the district require the partner to remove the existing APs?
    • APs will be removed at time of demo/construction (or at time of new AP installation for special cases?)
    1. Will the district provide an AP placement map for each location?
    • Yes.  CISD will provide AP locations.
    1. Will the district be responsible for configuring their existing ISE, MSE and Prime deployments? Task such as, but not limited to, adding APs and floor plats to Prime, verifying proper license for ISE, MSE and Prime application platforms, operational status, etc.
    • Need to discuss.  Prime/ISE/MSE need to be updated.  Could do in-house as discussed, or have the vendor do it while they are here and pay for it outside the project.
    1. What is the height and location (cafe, gym, auditorium, library, etc.) for the Cisco Aironet 3802E and outdoor 1532I access points? Will a work lift be required and will the district provide?
    • 1532i locations should accessible by ladder.  
    • 3802E locations in gyms and common areas may require lift.  To be provided by installer.
    1. In section E13 of the RFP, the district states to relocate two (2) Cisco C4500X-16 switches to the new MDF and reconfigure. Does the partner need to remove the two switches from their present location or will the district hand over the switches from inventory?
    • District will hand over switches at time of transition.  (It consists of removing 2 x 1U devices from a rack at same site)
    1. Please provide the physical address of the Cleburne HS and CTE Technology as defined in the RFP.
    • Will there be an address change
    • 1501 Harlin Drive, Cleburne, TX 76033