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    ***The DPS is still booking appointments several weeks/months out for testing.  Please go ahead and make an appointment online with the DPS (DPS Scheduler) now to test for a Learner's Permit (Driver's License).  Look for a DPS appointment any time after July 10th for Concurrent Method and after July 31st for Block Method. Due to the delay in testing, we are unable to guarantee your student will drive with an Instructor concurrently while taking the classroom portion.  Drive times may be delayed into the Fall. Drive times are not limited by the classroom portion schedule.

    Drivers Education

    Welcome to the Teen Driver Education Program.

    The certified Driver Education program is for high school students who meet TEA and CHS (or home high school) guidelines for attendance and are eligible to receive a VOE from their home high school. If you have any concerns regarding your student's ability to receive a VOE, please check with your high school Registrar prior to starting the class. We offer both the Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel Instruction to high school students. You can use the links on the left to register online or contact us if you need help!

    For more information, please contact:

    Sally Nolen



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