• Counselor

    Guidance and Counseling Program

    Holly Ramirez
    TEAM School Counselor

    TEAM School’s Guidance and Counseling program is based on:

    • Texas Education Agency’s Comprehensive Guidance Program for Texas Public Schools: A Guide for Program Development, Pre-K to 12th Grade
    • American School Counselor Association National Model
    • National Career Development Guidelines
    • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
    It is designed to encourage the optimum development of each student in the areas of:

    Academic Development

    • Career Development
    • Personal/Social Development
    The four components of the comprehensive developmental guidance program are:

    Guidance Curriculum

    Includes providing guidance activities in a systematic way to all students, usually through classroom meetings in the areas of:

    • Self-knowledge and acceptance
    • Interpersonal and communication skills/appreciation of diversity
    • Responsible behavior/personal safety and survival skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Decision making/problem solving
    • Motivation to achieve
    • Goal setting and career planning

    Responsive Services

    Includes providing counseling to address the immediate needs of students, usually through individual or group counseling.

    Individual Planning

    Includes assisting students in understanding and monitoring their own development in areas of education, career, and personal/social, usually through the development of academic and career plans.

    System Support

    Includes providing program management and evaluation, staff, and parent support activities and services, and community liaison.


    High School Counselors:


    • Provide information and assistance in helping students establish and complete plans for graduation.
    • Provide personal assistance for students in problem solving, social skills, goal setting, and career planning.Inform students regarding testing and interpretation of test results.
    • Help students develop positive attitudes toward themselves and others.Provide assistance with violence and drug abuse issues.
    • Provide parent information and assistance regarding academic and personal issues.