Pre-K Curriculum in Cleburne ISD

  • Cleburne ISD uses Frog Street, a comprehensive, early childhood-focused curriculum available in both English and Spanish, and follows the Texas Education Agency’s Prekindergarten Guidelines in its pre-kindergarten classrooms. 

    Through whole-group, small-group, and individualized instructional opportunities, Cleburne ISD pre-kindergarteners grow academically and socioemotionally as they pique their curiosity, develop lifelong friendships, and take their first steps on the path to becoming a Yellow Jacket graduate.

    We offer full-day pre-kindergarten at all seven Cleburne ISD elementary campuses; bilingual pre-kindergarten programs are available at Cooke, Irving, and Santa Fe Elementaries.

    A child who is four (4) years of age on or before September 1 is eligible for the pre-kindergarten program.

Knowledge & Skills Developed

  • Social & Emotional
  • Language &
  • Emergent
    Literacy Reading
  • Emergent
    Literacy Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Development
    & Health
  • Technology

Why Enroll in Cleburne ISD Pre-Kindergarten?

  • Elementary Readiness Students who attend pre-kindergarten show higher levels of readiness in language and literacy, thinking skills, behavioral self-control, and confidence.
  • New Experiences Students who attend pre-kindergarten are immersed in a diverse population of peers and a culture of curiosity and exploration in the classroom, offering them new perspectives and learning experiences.
  • Academic Performance Students who attend pre-kindergarten score higher on kindergarten entry diagnostics as well as on future standardized tests than students who did not attend.
  • Cost Benefit Tuition-based enrollment in pre-kindergarten ($3,850) is approximately half the price of the average cost of childcare in Texas ($7,062). In addition, breakfast is free of charge at all CISD campuses.