Our Mission

  • Serving those impacted by dyslexia and providing resources for the families and teachers who support them.

Definition of Dyslexia and Related Disorders

  • "Dyslexia" means a disorder of constitutional origin manifested by a difficulty in learning to read, write or spell, despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and sociocultural opportunity.

    "Related disorders" include disorders similar to or related to dyslexia, such as developmental auditory imperception,  dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability.



  • Overcoming
    By Dr. Sally Shaywitz
  • It's So Much Work
    to Be Your Friend
    By Richard Lavoie
  • The Human Side
    of Dyslexia
    By Shirley Kurnoff

Additional Resources

  •  Using Learning Ally on a CISD Chromebook

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