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Senior Undergoes Major Haircut to Raise Funds for STinG Week

                Cleburne High School senior Jonas Goodgion had an audience in attendance as he went through a major haircut on Friday--to benefit a classmate.

                The trimming of 12 inches from Goodgion’s lengthy mane raised more than $300 for the high school’s STinG Week philanthropic initiative benefiting sophomore Chris Diaz, who was diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma last spring. Funds raised throughout the week will assist the Diaz family with medical expenses as Chris continues to undergo chemotherapy.

                “When I got out of eighth grade I began to grow out my hair,” Goodgion said. “I’ve always had the thought of donating my hair at some point, knowing it would help kids whose medical treatments were preventing them from growing hair. I would love to help that little girl who has lost her hair—and who wouldn’t want these locks of mine?”

                When Diaz, who is a fellow member of the Golden Pride Band, was announced as the recipient of this year’s Students Together in Giving event, Goodgion knew it was the right time for a haircut.

                “I came up with the idea to do this during STinG Week,” he said. “I love Chris. He is amazing and a real funny guy. I was going to try to raise the money myself, but (Assistant Principal) Mr. Williams suggested involving the school.”

                Student Council Sponsor Terrie Walker, who is assisting Student Council members and leadership students with the week-long fund raising project now in its fourth year, was very touched by Goodgion’s gesture.

                “I know he worked really hard to raise funds through band,” she said. “Jason Jones, who is the head band director, pulled out a $20 bill the moment Jonas shared what he wanted to do. He raised $100 just in band.”

                “Jonas first came to us in September offering to cut his hair during STinG Week to help raise money,” she said. “He wanted to do it during the opening ceremony to show students how important it is to give back. He is also wanting to donate his hair to Locks of Love, so he’s actually giving twice for the sake of others. Jonas has had long hair through most of his high school career. To offer it up in this way is a huge sacrifice. It took a lot of courage, let alone getting it cut off in front of everyone. It was amazing.”

                Caitlyn Malcomson was tapped to provide the haircut for her fellow senior. Malcomson studies cosmetology at Hill College through the CHS Career and Technical Education program. She plans to work as a hair stylist to help pay her way through college.

                “I’ve given lots of haircuts, even some this drastic,” Malcomson said. “But I’ve never cut hair in front of a crowd. I was very nervous.”

                She wasn’t the only won who battled nerves the day of the haircut.

                “I had some anxiety that morning,” Goodgion said. “I kept thinking, ‘oh no, it’s all going to be gone.’ But now that it’s done, I’m not sad. I’ve been waiting for this day since I began growing it out. I’ve gotten some great reactions from my friends and family. They say I look like middle school Jonas again. My girlfriend said I looked cute, so that’s all that matters.”

                “This is something I’ll tell my kids about, for sure,” said the 17-year-old. “’Guess what your dad did when he was in high school?’”

                Goodgion made a second visit to the hair stylist over the weekend for some shaping and styling of his new ‘do. The shorter look is already growing on him, and reflects the rite of passage he will be experiencing as he heads for college—in his case Texas A & M University to study civil engineering.

                The senior also performs in the CHS Jazz Band and is a member National Honor Society and Beta Club. He is in the top ten percent of his graduating class.

                “I saw Jonas on Monday and asked him if he was okay,” Walker said. “He smiled at me and said, ‘I’m good. I’m good in my heart.’”

                STinG Week activities are scheduled each day, with the results of the fundraising effort, which includes all CISD campuses and several community partners, to be announced in closing ceremonies Friday. Since its start in 2017, more than $60,000 has been raised through the student-led project with proceeds benefiting students with severe health issues. More information on the STinG Week initiative is posted at



Jonas Goodgion undergoes a major haircut during opening ceremonies of the annual STinG Week philanthropic event underway at Cleburne High School. Goodgion’s haircut raised more than $300 to assist with medical expenses for a fellow member of the Golden Pride who is battling cancer. Also pictured are, left, CHS cosmetology student Caitlyn Malcomson and right, Gracie Walker, STiNG Week philanthropy chairman.