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Santa Fe Principal Sabina Landeros to Serve at the District Level

Sabina Landeros, who has been the campus leader for Santa Fe Elementary since the fall of 2015, will be taking on a new post within the CISD Curriculum and Instruction Department as a Principal on Special Assignment.

                “Mrs. Landeros will be using her administrative skill set to assist our program and district in numerous ways,” Dr. Kristi Rhone, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction said. “Her bilingual abilities will be utilized in our Languages Other Than English initiatives. She will be a great information source to our first-year teachers who are new to the profession. Her experience as a principal will be tapped in collecting and analyzing student performance data. There has been a lot of success and academic growth at Santa Fe under her leadership. She will be a strategic addition to our department in our work with instructional staff at the campus level.”

                Landeros describes the move into Curriculum and Instruction as a new opportunity to grow as an administrator.

                “Just as I encourage my students and staff to grow in learning, I want the very same for myself,” she said. “I always want to be ready for that next step—and challenge—in my career. This gives me that opportunity in being able to serve students and teachers on a larger scale.”

                “I have loved my time at Santa Fe,” Landeros said. “A lot of thought and soul-searching has gone into this decision. The depth of dedication and commitment we have within the Santa Fe faculty and staff makes this decision possible for me. I can leave knowing our students are in great hands, and that the learning and success will continue as the district begins the process to name the next principal.”

                Landeros will be assuming her new duties early next week, according to Rhone, who said the district would be seeking a seamless transition for the campus in filling the vacancy in the principal’s office.

                “We are very fortunate to have administrators at the district level that can work with the Santa Fe team and assist with campus operations as we begin the search for a new principal,” Rhone said. “We will be working with Human Resources in utilizing our standard procedures in filling this vacancy. We want the very best person serving as the instructional leader at this campus. We hope to bring the next principal for Santa Fe before the school board in October. Once we have a principal in place and settled in, they will be involved in the process of selecting an assistant principal.”