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New Administrators for Adams Elementary

                The start of the second semester was Brandi Geltmeier’s first day of school—as the new principal of Adams Elementary.

                Geltmeier is a familiar face within the Gator Nation, with seven years teaching second graders, followed by her promotion in 2013 to assistant principal at Adams. She has also served as the district’s elementary summer school principal the past two years.

                After doing a solo administrative act the past few weeks, Geltmeier is now welcoming a second in command, following the approval by Trustees at Tuesday’s school board meeting naming Marti Elementary Counselor Autumn VanWinkle to the AP position at Adams. She was all smiles as VanWinkle was introduced to Trustees.

                District and campus administrators feel Geltmeier and VanWinkle are a great fit for the campus in their new positions, including Marti Elementary Principal Mary Boedeker, who described them as the “dream team.”

                “Brandi and Autumn are both passionate about education and helping every student be successful,” Boedeker said. “They love kids and are well known for going above and beyond for their students.”

                “Even though we are losing a wonderful counselor, I could not be more proud of Autumn,” Boedeker said. “I first met her when she was a student in my seventh grade class when I was a middle school teacher. I knew then that she could do anything she set her mind on. When I had the chance to hire her at Marti, I was so impressed with the woman, and educator, she had become. She’s great with kids, parents and staff. I can’t wait to see her blossom in this new administrative role.”

                VanWinkle, who is a 2009 graduate of Cleburne High School, began her teaching career at Coleman Elementary in 2013. She was honored in 2015 by the Coleman staff who elected her their Teacher of the Year. In 2017 she was selected for the counseling position at Marti.

                Dr. Kristi Rhone, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, said Geltmeier, with VanWinkle as assistant principal, will make an effective team in providing strong and supportive leadership.

                “We are so excited about the opportunity for Mrs. Geltmeier to continue to serve the students, teachers and parents at Adams in this new capacity,” Rhone said. “Her experience, knowledge, energy and the devotion and relationships she provides to the Gator Nation makes a difference, daily, at her campus.”

                “Brandi was a member of our selection committee and provided valuable insight and input as we went through the process in bringing a recommendation for school board approval,” Rhone said. “She and Mrs. VanWinkle will make a great administrative team.”

                Adams parent and PTA leader Lara Arnold gave a “Gator clap” for Geltmeier’s selection as the new school leader, and is now looking forward to welcoming VanWinkle.

                “Brandi has been an outstanding assistant principal, and because of her leadership experience and strong relationships with the staff, students and parents, she was the perfect choice to lead Adams as the new principal,” Arnold said. “Her dedication not only to the education of children, but also to their health and happiness, is apparent. She has been a dedicated Gator for many years and I’m glad she has been given the opportunity to lead this amazing school.”

                For Geltmeier, who has been capturing the hearts of Adams students for 14 years, it’s been a smooth transition into the principal’s office.

                “It’s been super,” she said. “We are excited to welcome Autumn to our campus as our assistant principal. She is a great fit for Adams and is bringing some valuable knowledge and skills from her experiences in the classroom and as a counselor.”

                “I’m very much a people person—I enjoy being out on the campus and on the go,” Geltmeier said. “I’ve had to adjust to answering emails and doing more of that administrative, ‘staying seated’ part of being the principal. I can do visiting with students and the instructional side of administration all day, so this is new, and I’m excited to stretch and grow in my leadership skills. We have such a great staff and they have made it easy for me to adjust to these new responsibilities. It’s been a great transition.”



Brandi Geltmeier, left, began the second semester as the new principal at Adams Elementary, following seven years as assistant principal. Following school board action Tuesday, Autumn VanWinkle, right, is coming to Adams as the new assistant principal.