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CHS Student Council Competition Leads to Contribution

A contribution of $12,451 has been made to the Brazos Bullard Memorial Foundation by students at Cleburne High School, resulting from a fundraising initiative that is also a long-standing Student Council tradition.

                The family of Brazos Bullard, who passed away in July, was present at the September 23 CHS pep rally where candidates in the Mr. Legs fundraising competition were presented and results were announced. Representatives from Justin Boots were also in attendance with a contribution of $1,000.

                Bullard attended elementary and middle school in Cleburne and spent his freshman year at CHS. The Brazos Bullard Memorial Foundation was established in August as a tribute to the 18-year-old, described as a true cowboy at heart who loved roping, bull riding and ranching. The mission of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to children who wish to pursue a career in the rodeo industry. On September 25, the 1st Annual Brazos Bullard Memorial Team Roping was held at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse facilities.

                CHS senior Cooper Lynch was among the Mr. Legs candidates, sporting running shorts and a bushy beard in his portrayal of Forrest Gump during his race across America. Lynch, the winner of the competition, raised $4,413 for the foundation, which is very meaningful to him.

                “Brazos and I first met when we played t-ball on the same team when we were four or five,” Lynch said. “We got to be close friends during COVID. I’d go to ropings with him. We hunted together and we both worked for his uncle. I didn’t know about the Mr. Legs contest and where the funds would be going until a few days before the entry deadline. I wanted to win—it’s a cool deal. But I wanted to win for Brazos.”

                “He was an all-around good person and a good friend,” Lynch said. “For him, it was all about others, especially little kids. Getting involved in rodeo can be expensive—everything about it is expensive. He had a couple of sponsors growing up which helped with that. This foundation will help kids of all ages get a start in rodeo.”

                Fellow senior Adrienne Light, who is the CHS Student Council treasurer, advocated for the Brazos Bullard Memorial Foundation in selecting the recipient of the Mr. Legs contest proceeds.

                “Brazos and I had friends in common,” she said. “I had seen a lot of things on Facebook about the foundation in his memory. We were looking for someone or a cause to honor with the funds from Mr. Legs and I thought that would be a good one to choose. We checked with the Bullard family to see if they were okay with it, then we moved forward.”

                “This is probably one of the biggest amounts that has been raised by Mr. Legs,” she said. “It made me happy knowing that the money is going to a good cause. I know this was very meaningful to Brazos’ family. His foundation will help keep his memory alive—and that’s important.”

                Light, who is planning on a career as a doctor, believes in the importance of giving to others. She has been involved since her freshman year in the Students Together in Giving philanthropic project also sponsored by Cleburne Student Council.

                “If I’m not involved in a fundraiser, I’m giving to it,” she said. “I work part-time and donated my check to Mr. Legs. My mom says if you give, you will receive. She’s always telling us to be a blessing to others. I’m a blood donor and I give monthly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s my own little thing that I do.”

Light is already working on her next endeavor. She is among the Exchangettes officers who will be competing for the title of Miss Pink 2022 in raising funds to assist a “warrior” battling breast cancer. She is in it to win it.

“If I’m passionate about something, or a cause, I want to be the best in addressing the need or finding the solution,” she said. “My goal in life is to save lives. In becoming a doctor, I want to help others, including those who may not be able to afford medical attention or care. I can see me establishing a foundation to raise funds for that.”