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    Masks and facial coverings will remain optional for students and employees as Cleburne ISD prepares for the start of school on August 18. Expectations are for students, guided by their parents, teachers and staff to self-care as we begin a new school year with COVID still in the headlines.

    The past school year was a very memorable one in so many ways--despite COVID rather than because of it. Our teachers and staff went above and beyond for their students in the face of instructional and procedural challenges. Our students progressed in their pursuit of knowledge, while showing remarkable adaptability to new protocols and practices to keep them safe. Our school district opened the school year with face-to-face learning--and never missed a day nor had to close a classroom, grade level or campus because of a COVID outbreak.

    As we return to school, the importance of handwashing, coughing into the sleeve and other hygiene practices will be standard operating procedures. We appreciate our parents coming alongside us in reinforcing these healthy habits, as we know these preventive measures can make a difference at school and at home.

     Our campuses will remain vigilant in providing a safe learning environment through established cleaning protocols. As in past years, should it appear that flu, COVID, strep throat, a stomach bug or other communicable illnesses are circulating through a classroom or campus, we will conduct advanced cleaning procedures specifically designed for these situations. Teachers will be encouraged to leave inner classroom doors open to improve air ventilation. COVID exposure letters will be sent to parents and staff as positive cases are reported.   

    We will resume standard Attendance policies and practices in 2021-22. A physician’s note will be required following three consecutive days of absence from school. Students are not to report to school until they have been symptom and fever-free for 24 hours. Should your child test positive for COVID, please notify your campus nurse, as CISD is still required to report all positive COVID case numbers to local health authorities and the Texas Education Agency.  Should your child have special needs or circumstances, please contact your campus administration or nurse for additional information.

    A limited supply of the COVID vaccine, which can be provided to children starting at age 12, will be available at the immunization clinics being conducted during the Smith and Wheat Middle Schools Jacket Camps on August 12 from 5:30-8 PM.  Cleburne ISD will continue to partner with local community resources to provide parents information concerning availability of additional vaccine clinics and diagnostic and screening testing sites.  Social media and Skyward parent information will be used to disseminate this information.

     We are excited to be welcoming parents back to our campuses following a year in which COVID called for limited visits. This includes our Volunteers In Public Schools program for parents, grandparents and community members. Please mark your calendars for VIPS Inservice for new participants and veteran members, set for 9 AM September 1 at the CISD Central Offices, 505 N. Ridgeway.

     As we make the final preparations for a new year of learning, the health and safety of our students, staff, and schools remain our top priority. We will keep you informed of any ongoing health concerns in the District or our community. If you have any questions regarding your child’s health and/or school health protocols, please feel free to contact your campus nurse.

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