• Media Guidelines

    Cleburne ISD strives to work cooperatively with news media and their requests for information and coverage. Please respect these media guidelines that have been developed to ensure the integrity of our instructional day/operations and allow us to provide consistent, accurate information to news media representatives.

    The following guidelines are observed at all CISD campuses/facilities:

    • The CISD Director of Community Relations should be contacted when a representative of the media wishes to visit a CISD campus or facility. If the media visits a campus/facility without first contacting the district's communications specialist, they will be directed to her for assistance.
    • News reporters/cameras/photographers will not be allowed to film on a campus or inside a campus without prior approval from the Director of Community Relations. Photographs and video may be taken on a campus/facility at the discretion of the campus administrator/director of community relations and/or superintendent.
    • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) will be followed at all times.

    Lisa Magers, Director of Community Relations

    Allison Rodden, Coordinator of Marketing, Multimedia, & Web