• Microsoft Office Free Download for Students and Staff

    An added benefit of the recent Microsoft agreement approved by our Cleburne ISD Board of Trustees gives our district employees and students up to 5 copies of Microsoft Office to install on their personal computer.
    Please do not install Office on your district-owned computer.
    To install Office on your personal computer
    1. Open a web browser on the computer you'd like to install Office on and go to portal.office.com
    2. Log in using your district email address and password. If you have logged in before then choose your school email address
    Microsoft Pick an account
    3. If your email address is not displayed click Use another account
    Use another account
    4. Enter your district email address then click next
    Microsoft Sign In
    5. Click Work or school account
    Work or School Account
    6. Enter your district password and click sign in
    Enter Password
    7. Click "Install Office" in the top right corner of your browser
    Install Office
    8. Next click
    Office 365 apps
    9. The Office setup file will download in your browser. Click the file to install.
    10. Follow the onscreen directions to complete the installation
    Just a few more steps